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Running in Balboa Park

Running in Balboa Park is a runner's dream! Year round perfect weather, combined with grass, dirt trails, hills, and roads with lilttle traffic, make it an ideal place to run!
From west Balboa Park, to Florida Canyon, to Morley Field and Balboa Stadium's track-
You can meet up with many groups to run around the park! There is plenty of parking on the west side along Sixth Ave., or in front of the Hall of Champions Sports Museum off of Park Blvd. and Presidents Way, or on the east side on Park Blvd. the Zoo, and Spanish Village.

Two of the more popular places for groups to meet for a run in Balboa Park are at Sixth & Laurel at the statue of Kate Sessions, and the front of the San Diego Hall of Champions on the Pan American Plaza. Also, to the east of the park are Florida Canyon, and Morley Field, where there are acres of trails, dirth paths and grass to run on!
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Balboa Park running group

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More info and links coming soon!... www.balboapark.com/maps/maps.php#trails

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Running Events in Balboa Park

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Balboa Park - A Great Running Destinations